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Personal information protection policy

Implemented April 1, 2013
Last updated July 28, 2017
BRICKS Corporation
Representative Director/Company President Kenichi Yoshikawa

BRICKS recognizes that all customer and employee personal information that is handled during business operations and provision of our service is the important property of the individual, fully recognizes the societal mission of protecting personal information and will comply with all laws regarding personal information and the protection of the rights of the individual. BRICKS declares here our intention that, in order to actualize the policy outlined below, we the company as a whole will create a personal information security management system, and being constantly aware of the latest trends in IT, societal demands and environmental changes, will take efforts towards the continuous improvement of said system.

1. BRICKS, in multilingual customer relationship management duties, as well as in employment management for applicants, hiring of employees, and human resource management duties, will acquire, use and provide personal information as below, based on JISQ15001:2006 (Personal information security management system – Requirements).

(1) Personal information will be obtained to be used only within the scope necessary for BRICKS to conduct its duties and for managing employees and job applicants, and the purpose of use will be specified.

(2) If personal information is directly acquired from the individual, it will be acquired only after indicating the purpose of use and other necessary notifications and gaining his or her consent.

(3) If the personal information is used, it will be used in the limited capacity of the purpose of use (if consigned, under the purpose of consignment) for which consent was given beforehand.

(4) BRICKS will not provide personal information to third parties other than in situations where consent has been received from the individual, where it is compelled by law or when part of the duties of the company have been consigned to parties limited to those that have been recognized to properly handle personal information.

(5) In order to prevent the improper handling of personal information for uses other than the stated purpose, a system to allow for proper handling of personal information, in which the rules and regulations in relation to personal information are set-up, employees are educated in such a way as to be fully aware of these, and operations checks and regular internal investigations take place, will be maintained and improved.

2. BRICKS will follow the laws and policies defined by the country, as well as other rules related to protecting personal information.

3. In response to the risk of leaks, losses or damages to personal information, BRICKS will continuously upgrade our personal information security system by developing comprehensive security measures, and implementing management resources appropriate to the needs of our business operations with the aim of preventing said risks. In the unlikely event they are necessary, corrective measures will be taken swiftly.

4. BRICKS will handle inquiries and complaints about the handling of personal information swiftly, honestly and appropriately.

5. BRICKS will, based on changes in the surrounding environment, conduct timely and appropriate reviews in order to promote continuous improvement of the personal information security management system.

All employees will be informed of this policy, and it will be made accessible to anyone at any time by publishing it on pamphlets and on the company website.

[Inquiry Desk]
For inquiries about the Personal Information Security Policy please contact the following desk:

Personal Information Department
Administrative Division
BRICKS Corporation
Forecast Shinjuku SOUTH 4F
4-3-17 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 Japan
E-mail Address: privacy@bricks-corp.com
TEL: 03-5366-6001 (Reception: Business Days 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.*)。

*Inquires on or during the following will be handled from the following business day:

Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays, Summer Holidays, Year End and New Year Holidays, Golden Week period.