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Valuing first contact
Connecting words to words, and assisting mutual communication

Telephone interpretation available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with 13 languages supported as standard
If you have a telephone or telecommunications line, you can use our telephone interpretation service.
We undertake initial support and FAQ based support for customer inquiries via e-mail and telephone

What we do

  • 2 Way Telephone Interpretation 2者間電話通訳2 Way Telephone Interpretation 2者間電話通訳

2 Way Telephone

When face to face with someone who speaks a language other than Japanese, give us a call and we provide interpretation via passing the handset back and forth. Department store tax refund counters, information centers, etc.

  • 3 Way Telephone Interpretation 3者間電話通訳3 Way Telephone Interpretation 3者間電話通訳
  • 3 Way Telephone Interpretation 3者間電話通訳3 Way Telephone Interpretation 3者間電話通訳

3 Way Telephone Interpretation

When you have a phone call from someone who speaks a non-Japanese language, call us using a 3 way call function, and after the 3 locations are connected, we provide interpretation.

  • Video & iPad Interpretation 映像・iPad通訳Video & iPad Interpretation 映像・iPad通訳

Video & iPad

With this service, you can contact the interpretation center by telephone, iPad, or video interpretation system, and the interpreter operator on the other end of the line will interpret the staff member's and customer's conversation turn by turn.

  • Customer Service カスタマーサービスCustomer Service カスタマーサービス
  • Customer Service カスタマーサービスCustomer Service カスタマーサービス

Customer Service

We provide initial support on your company's behalf for customer inquiries received by telephone and e-mail. By having your staff handle only what needs to be dealt with on an individual basis, we minimize your costs and workload.

  • Multilingual FAQ<br>Support Service FAQ多言語対応サービスMultilingual FAQ<br>Support Service FAQ多言語対応サービス

Multilingual FAQ
Support Service

Multilingual support based on an FAQ for service related inquiries received by e-mail and telephone.

Recommended for

Those who want to provide customer 外国人のお客様の接客対応をされる方Those who want to provide customer 外国人のお客様の接客対応をされる方Those who want to provide customer
support for international customers
Call centers that need to take calls 外国語で通話対応が必要なコールセンターCall centers that need to take calls 外国語で通話対応が必要なコールセンターCall centers that need to take calls
in non-Japanese languages
Those who wish for escalations regarding FAQ以外の対応についてエスカレーションをご希望の方Those who wish for escalations regarding FAQ以外の対応についてエスカレーションをご希望の方Those who wish for escalations regarding
non-FAQ support
  • We provide improvement reports 業務改善レポートをご提出しますWe provide improvement reports 業務改善レポートをご提出します

We provide improvement reports

In addition to interpretation and translation, Bricks provides monthly reports to clients. We categorize call details, analyze data, and propose improvements that would be more efficient for our clients.
What's more, based on the result of the report, we create an English language support manual allowing you to provide English language support.

Understanding Japan's future with data

Number of PeopleNumber of international residents

  • 2006

    data 2006


  • 2008

    data 2008


  • 2010

    data 2010


  • 2012

    data 2012


  • 2014

    data 2014


  • 2016

    data 2016


Source: Ministry of Justice

Number of PeopleNumber of international visitors to Japan

  • 2007

    data 2007


  • 2009

    data 2009


  • 2011

    data 2011


  • 2013

    data 2013


  • 2015

    data 2015


  • 2017

    data 2017


Source: Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

Consumption amountAmount spent by all international visitors

  • 2012

    data 2012

    10,846billion yen

  • 2013

    data 2013

    14,167billion yen

  • 2014

    data 2014

    20,278billion yen

  • 2015

    data 2015

    34,771billion yen

  • 2016

    data 2016

    37,476billion yen

Source: Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

BRICKS. strengths


  • multilingual hybrid center 日本語と多言語のハイブリッドセンターAbility to operate a Japanese
    - multilingual hybrid center
  • 3 way simultaneous interpretation 3者間同時通訳3 way simultaneous interpretation
    13 languages supported

Operator's skills

  • Japanese operators 日本人オペレータJapanese operatorsWe recruit operators with experience working in overseas businesses who have a TOEIC level of 900 points
  • International operators 外国人オペレータInternational operatorsWe recruit operators with a language level equal to JLPT Level 1, who also have a wealth of experience with formal Japanese, polite Japanese, and complaint handling
  • Specialist vocabulary 専門用語Specialist vocabularyWe have operators who are able to handle specialized vocabulary such as medical terminology, legal terminology, and IT terminology.


  • 24H 365DAYS 24時間365日 夜間休日だけの運用も可能24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    Overnight & weekend /
    holiday only operation also possible
  • Customized to match usage scene ご利用シーンに合わせてカスタマイズが可能Customized to match usage scene
  • Video interpretation making iPadなどを活用した映像通訳も可能Video interpretation making
    use of iPads etc. is also available

Our users

Government bodies

Japan Tourism Agency : Business activities for the welcoming of overseas tourists
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications : Translation related to the basic resident register system
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry : Helpdesk for business activities for preparing an environment to
                       accept international patients
Ministry of Justice : Customer correspondence service at the help desk within the Immigration Bureau
Japan National Tourism Organization : Out of hours telephone support during natural disasters
Embassy of Japan in UAE : Escort Interpreting during ambassadorial visits, etc.

Local governments, central fire departments

Tokyo, Kyoto, Aichi Prefecture, Aomori Prefecture, Okinawa Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture, Ashiya, Ayase, Atsugi, Ebina, Osaka, Otsu, Kanuma, Gifu, Kyoto, Gotemba, Saitama, Zama, Sakai, Sagamihara, Joso, Zushi, Tachikawa, Chofu, Narita, Hachioji, Fujisawa, Mitaka, Musashino, Itabashi , Katsushika, Suginami, Sumida, Setagaya, Nerima, Bunkyo, Minato, Osaka City Fire Department, Kyoto City Fire Ddepartment, Kobe City Fire Ddepartment, Sakai City Fire Ddepartment, Bisan Fire Ddepartment

Shipping, Transport

TOBU RAILWAY CO.,LTD., Toyota Motor Corporation, Keikyu Corporation, Nissan Car Rental Solutions Co.,Ltd., Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd., TOKYU CORPORATION., Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited, West Nippon Expressway Company Limited

Medical institutions

St. Luke's International Hospital, The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR, NTT Medical Center Tokyo, Aichi Medical Interpretations System

Commercial facilities

Takashimaya Company, Limited, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Estate・Simon Co., Ltd., TOKYO DOME CORPORATION

Financial institutions

Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd. , JCB Co., Ltd.

Tourist facilities

Tokyo Zoological Park Society (Ueno Zoo), YokohamaHakkeijima Seaparadise

Telecommunications companies


Apartment management companies

ITOCHU Corporation, Mitsubishi Estate Company,Limited

Travel agencies

JTB Group, KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd.